Wella 2012 Trend Vision Awards at LALive! Sunday, July 29


This year at the Wella Trend Vision 2012 competition, each trend was embodied by a character from the stage named to reflect the trend world in which she lives, with a role definition of the character she’s acting out. We were there and here’s what we saw:

Michel (Master Stylist/Master Colorist/Educator): The highlight for me was the avant guard Dimitri show….all of his models (about 30 in 30 minutes!!!) exhibited an incredible presentation, as did presenters, Sebastian and Vidal Sassoon. The inspiration for me is to investigate becoming an educator in the Wella Master Educator program. It also ignited a desire in me to create another fashion show at The Gates Salon! For the young and talented artists from The Gates Salon who accompanied us to the show, they were able to learn techniques to create new styles which will enhance their careers both now and in the future!

Banessa (Colorist): It was amazing!

Monique (Stylist): It opened my eyes to a competition that I didn’t even know existed! It inspired me to take more education classes in order to build my career. I can see myself out there doing shows in the future….that would be so much fun!

Arielle (Assistant): The Wella TrendVision show made me want to do runway shows full-time! I learned to experiment with new techniques and not be afraid of trying new styles. I enjoyed seeing all the contestants and their assistants being trained at the show. The models all looked edgy and confident. I especially liked the way that the contestants were a variety of ages and the fact that some were still in school. Going to Wella2012 TrendVision has motivated me to be more bold and try new styles, as well as to attend more shows and get out onto the floor faster!

Emily (Assistant): The hair show inspired me to enter the competition with Monique next year! I have been to lots of hair shows – but this one was very different, with over-the-top, edgy designs which we could view up close as opposed to just seeing pictures. There were over 100 competitors showing artistic, fun and whimsical designs. It was great to see the latest color trends that each line is premiering from all of North America so that we could get out of our element of what we do each day. I am inspired to step up my game!

Juliana (Colorist): This past Sunday, we attended Wella Professionals’ Trend Vision 2012 award presentation for North America. The 2012 trends: Blaze, Celeste, Grace and Roxy.

Blaze – the Femme Fatale: Fiery Latin passion inspired color that isn’t afraid to be
noticed, whether it’s the short, strong cut or bold contrasting colors. Velvety blacks and fuchsia accents are masculine as well as feminine with this trend. Very slick! Beautiful lace and embroidery was worn by the models. This brought total attention to the hair that was groomed very geometrically focusing on darker shades of hot pink that really showed off how daring this type of woman can be.

Celeste – the Visionary: Sleek and elegant the cosmic babe! Not afraid to shine with beautiful pale lilac and lavender blondes with ash gray accents as well as creamy peach pieces thrown in the mix. By far my favorite trend, bold and daring not afraid to stand out in a crowd and way ahead of her time. Strong head shapes that are very contemporary. Reflective material, glitter, mirrors, and metal all worn down the runway.

Grace – the Modern Muse: Inspired by nature but very sophisticated and luxurious hair. Sandy beige, warm gold, and translucent tones are all shown here with this multifaceted hair color which is shiny and healthy. Silhouettes draped with silk or linen glide across the runway.

Roxy – the Scene-stealer: Retro chic, born in the wrong era type of gal. Deep purples and very complementary accents in yellow, apricot, and even a touch of hunter green. Past meets present with this trend. A very close second personal favorite among the trends that were shown at Wella Trend Vision 2012. Hair that enters the room before the person that’s wearing it, is definitely a head turner.

Wella Trend Vision 2012 was definitely an inspiration for me. I can’t wait to incorporate these trends into the Salon experience here at The Gates!

Priscilla (Stylist): It was great to see new talent from the international community, especially Puerto Rico! I enjoyed seeing artistic, avant guard styles
and designs!