5 Common Airbrush Tanning Misconceptions


Airbrish Tanning_TheGates_July16

One of the best accessories you can have for your Summer look, is a gorgeous, glowing tan! Just a little bit of color can make you appear thinner, bring out the colors of your clothes and makeup, and gives you a boost of confidence that creates a certain “je ne sais quio” about you. What isn’t hot, is red, burnt, dried out skin from the sun that can later lead to premature aging and skin cancer. While sun tanning may be more natural (and less expensive), it’s also the most harmful to your skin. That’s why airbrush tanning is the safest, most convenient way to achieve that sun-kissed look. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there that make people nervous about airbrush tanning, learning more about the facts and benefits can help you decide if it’s right for you. Read more »