Braids, braids, braids!


ShyelaWhat are the back-to-school trends that every stylish girl wants to enjoy? Braids, braids, braids! In this photo, Stylist Arielle, has woven Shyela’s beautiful hair into an intricate braid using the new Kerastase Forme Fatale. This new product is a strong holding gel that works on wet or dry hair and adds protection for the follicles when using heated tools. The secret to braiding, according to Arielle, is tension….hold the hair tightly as you weave it together. On a practical level, young ladies who participate in sports or dance activities can focus better when their hair is braided and out of their faces. Braids can last for two days and the added bonus is that when the braid is released, a beautiful wave results for day three….a huge time saver for that inevitable morning rush. Our model, Shyela, is looking forward to going back to school and seeing old friends and new teachers with this hair design that she loves because she says it is an expression of who she is. Come in to The Gates Salon and check out our new Kerastase line of styling products…especially the Forme Fatale!