Curl Talk



All curly haired girls know that even though their hair maybe coveted by many, it can be a total hassle. Matted knots, frizziness, bottles of hair products, and weird sideways “poofing” are the Curly Girl’s everyday obstacles. However, curly hair can be very easy once you find out what works for you.  We happen to have everything you need here to help tame your tendrils (as well as some curly-haired experts who can empathize).  Here’s some tips straight from our stylists to keep those curls looking beautiful:


1 – Get the right hair cut: No matter how loose or tight the curl is, your hair needs to be cut so that it can bring out the texture in your hair. When you come to The Gates, we will assess the texture of your hair, as well as your facial structure, length, color, and daily beauty routine in order to figure out what the best cut is for you.



2 – Perfect Products:  Curly hair needs moisturizing, conditioning, frizz-controlling products.  We love Bb Curl by Bumble & Bumble which is a collection of de-tangling, humidity fighting, priming, amazing products specifically meant for curly hair. (Look for a special Bumble and Bumble offer at the end of this article).



3 – Shower Power: Put down the hair towel!! You can prevent frizziness and the dreaded “ramen noodle crunch” by applying before you step out of the shower. Use a wide tooth comb to rake the products from root to ends.  Then scrunch and squeeze!



4 – Diffuse the Situation: If you aren’t already using a diffuser, do your curls a favor and start using one! Regular nozzles disrupt the curl pattern and focuses only on one part of the hair at a time.  Use a heat protecting spray, flip your head upside down and dry from root to mid-length leaving the ends alone to dry by themselves. This results in bouncy, voluminous curls without the dried up ends.



5 – Sleep Like a Princess: The cotton from most pillowcases will soak up any moisture in your hair causing frizz, also the fibers can tug on your hair causing breakage.  Switch to a silk pillowcase, it’ll help keep your curls smooth and frizz-free (it’s also great for preventing wrinkles….just sayin’).



All NEW Curly Haired Clients: Come quench your curls and receive a FREE in-salon, pre-shampoo masque treatment with Bumble and Bumble’s “Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm to Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque.”

Must be a first time client.  For a limited time only.