What’s the one thing you would splurge on?


We asked manicurist, Elisa: if you could splurge on one thing, what would it be?

I believe you should splurge on different things in different seasons of your life. When you’re young, you are more trend-oriented and concerned with living for the moment, so you tend to choose wilder colors and hair bleaches, even if they damage your hair or are harsh on your skin. When you get to middle age and the hormones change, you are more concerned with quality products that protect your hair and benefit your skin, so you may choose to blow dry your hair or use hot tools less often.

Also, when you’re young, you buy stylish pieces of clothing at cheaper prices. As you mature, you start focusing more on the classic and timeless pieces (with quality construction) mixed with a few trendy outfits. It’s the same with the jewelry that you buy: when you’re younger, you buy fashionable jewelry (and lots of it); when you are older, you buy unique pieces as an investment that have an enduring “wow” factor.

I always shop at the end of a season in order to buy good quality at a fraction of the cost. A client once advised me that as I get older, the one thing that I should splurge on is better shoes and better purses!

Whatever your fancy, at The Gates Salon, we feature Kerastase products for mature hair (such as the Substantif line) and Bumble and bumble products (such as Surf Spray) for the trend setter. In addition, we carry trendy and classic jewelry designs and recommend Youngblood mineral based cosmetics for all skin types.

What is that one thing YOU would splurge on? Write us back with your
must haves……